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Civil society protagonist at Expo Milano 2015

Civil society protagonist at Expo Milano 2015

Today’s presentation in Rome of the Civil Society Pavilion was attended by the President of the Italian Senate Pietro Grasso and the Minister of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policy, Maurizio Martina. Speakers included Sergio Silvotti, President of Fondazione Triulza – the network of third sector organisations, which will manage the Pavilion; Roberto Arditti, Head of Institutional Affairs of Expo 2015 S.p.A.; Chiara Pennasi, Pavilion Director, and Sabina Siniscalchi, President of the Pavilion Management Committee. Over a hundred people representing the government, public institutions and leading third sector organisations took part in the event.

National and international civil society organisations will play a leading role in Expo Milano 2015. Besides having a widespread presence in the Expo Site, these groups will, for the first time in the history of the Universal Exposition, have a dedicated Pavilion - Cascina Triulza. This will represent a permanent laboratory for ideas, proposals and activities to help develop the theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” and, in collaboration with institutions and business, create their own initiatives and projects for a fairer and more sustainable future.

Cascina Triulza will be one of the most important material and intangible legacies of Expo Milano 2015. The Pavilion - one of the biggest (around 8,000 sqm) and the only existing structure inside the Expo Site - will continue to host activities and debate after Expo Milano 2015 is over among organisations who work each day worldwide to try and influence economic and policy choices on questions of nutrition and environmental / social sustainability. The non-profit and sustainable economy sector in Italy continues to grow and create new jobs, introducing innovation in both the social and productive spheres.

A common project shared by a network of 60 civil society organisations

In its role as Non Official Participant in partnership with Expo 2015 S.p.A., Fondazione Triulza will run the entire Pavilion and coordinate a broad program of events. Fondazione Triulza is a large plural network of third sector organisations which has committed itself to playing a front line role in ensuring that Expo Milano can become a concrete opportunity for civil society the world over and continuing to work together after 2015.


The Pavilion’s Theme Statement, “Energies to change the world”, stands to emphasise the importance of civil society and highlight the extraordinary force for change generated each day worldwide by the independent action of citizens, young people and organised sections of civil society.

One of the most innovative aspects of the project is the direct engagement in the construction of the Cascina Triulza Cultural Program, through specific Calls for Ideas and Competitions. Civil society groups around the world – potentially in partnership with companies and institutions – are invited to propose their own events, cultural activities, installations, shows and entertainment for the Cascina Triulza Cultural Program.

Over the next few months Fondazione Triulza will be launching the 2nd International Call for Ideas for the Development of the Civil Society Pavilion Cultural Program and other calls for young designers, artists, sponsors and technical partners.

A Pavilion open to contributions from public institutions, business and philanthropists

Cascina Triulza will allow civil society groups to meet and talk with public institutions, companies and philanthropic organisations about new models of work and social responsibility that can give an effective and participative response to social problems. It will host the main international civil society networks and, in partnership with Fondazione Cariplo, the delegates of the AGA Meeting 2015 - Annual Assembly of the European Foundation Centre (EFC). The Foreign Ministry has also named Cascina Triulza as one of Expo Site locations where the Italian cooperative sector will be staging educational and technical/scientific events.

Companies and institutions particularly sensitive to the themes and values promoted by the Civil Society Pavilion will be able to take part in the activity and work with third sector groups to develop cultural projects, proposing a presence in the Market area or signing specific partnership and sponsorship agreements with Fondazione Triulza.

Open Expo - a welcome to all and common ethical / environmental standards

Fondazione Triulza signed the Expo Milano 2015 participation agreement on February 18. Besides constructing the Cultural Program for the six months of the Expo, the Foundation is focused particularly on promoting an Open Universal Exposition that can give value to territories and organisations beyond the Expo Site, seek alternative hospitality solutions accessible to all, and promote ethical and environmental standards throughout the work of the Fondazione and the Cascina Triulza Cultural Program proposals.

In 2014, Fondazione Triulza, in collaboration with its network and various partners, is committed to promoting a rich program of events that raise public awareness of the opportunities linked to participation in the Expo Milano 2015 Civil Society Pavilion and the themes these organisations wish to explore during the Universal Exposition.