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Chopra steps down as Oberoi Group president

Chopra steps down as Oberoi Group president

Oberoi Group president Kapil Chopra has stepped down from the role to focus full time on entrepreneurial activities.

The resignation has been accepted by Oberoi Group executive chairman Prithviraj Singh Oberoi.

Oberoi announced Chopra’s departure to all his employees in a memo earlier and informed them about Chopra’s decision to take on the role of an entrepreneur.

Oberoi himself reminisced about his first meeting with Chopra during an interview in 1994 for the position of a management trainee.

He went on to mention that Chopra had planned to leave as early as April 2017 but agreed to stay on till a transition plan was created.


Chopra was promoted to the position of group president in January 2013.

In a letter to colleagues, Chopra added: “After a career spanning two decades with The Oberoi Group, I am moving on to pursue my dream of an entrepreneurial venture.

“I had been contemplating this for quite some time.

“It has been a tough decision, but as they say – to set new milestones, you have to raise the bar for yourself and be your own competition.”

Chopra also confirmed his first venture would to take over as the chairman of the board for EazyDiner - an app that lets guests book reservations for dining out in restaurants and hotels in India and Dubai.