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Choice of the logo for EXPO 2017 Astana

Choice of the logo for EXPO 2017 Astana

Starting from the 9th of July 2013 on the “Astana EXPO-2017” NC” JSC website a national voting for the new logo of the international exhibition EXPO-2017 has begun.

Seven different logos are presented for the vote, each of them having its own conceptual framework.

The “Green Energy” logo encompasses the symbols “Sprout” representing new life and sustainable development, and the symbol “Electric plug” closely associated to energy, both merging into a single image - “Green energy”. The form of the logo in its entirety reveals the idea of EXPO 2017, highlighting the achievements of Kazakhstan through a green approach to technology, and becoming a hallmark of “Future Energy” and Astana to the world.

The “Pyramid” logo, with the help of lines and forms, similar to solar panels, is represented through the letter A and the shape of “Palace of Peace and Reconciliation” as one of the symbols of Astana. The stability of the pyramid symbolizes knowledge and adaptability. The logo exudes strength and attracts the attention, while creating a special atmosphere inside the exhibition itself, and around the globe.

The EXPO’17 logo is formed through the characters Smart Housing, Sun (Solar Power), Wind (Wind Power), Water (Water Power) and Earth (Gravity), and is made in the colors of the flag of Kazakhstan. It combines nature, technology and general space while embodying the characteristics of international exhibitions - dynamism, openness and creativity.


The logo “Astana - a city of the future” is shaped like an infinity sign - symbolizing renewable energy and the continuity of life processes. The shape of the logo is visually similar to the first letter of the name of the capital of Kazakhstan. Simple and strong, adaptable and friendly.The logo in the shape of the letter “A” harmoniously combines within the futuristic and traditional elements.

The logo “Solar energy” symbolizes the sun, energy and Astana as the center generating innovation, creative thinking and new principles of energy use.
The “Wind Energy” logo embodies the symbols of renewable energy - solar, ocean waves, Earth’s magnetic field and the energy flow of the wind, all in accordance with the “Future Energy” theme of the exhibition, featuring bright and pure colors.

This combination will allow to present Astana both as a cultural capital of Kazakhstan and as a center for new technologies.

The new logo must meet several requirements: be ahead of time (to be relevant in the coming 4-5 years), to have the visual representation of the theme of the exhibition and have an international focus.

International specialized exhibition EXPO 2017 – is an important event for the entire nation. Kazakhstanis are offered to choose one of the seven options for the logo. Voting will last until July 22 inclusive. Everyone can contribute to establishing a new brand of the EXPO exhibition in Astana.