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China’s first batch of light rail trains launched at CSR Zhuzhou

China’s first batch of light rail trains launched at CSR Zhuzhou

China’s first batch of independently developed high-end light rail trains is exported to Europe, entering the highest-threshold rail transit market in the world. On August 10, the light rail model, to be exported to Izmir, Turkey, was launched at CSR Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd. CSR Zhuzhou. The model, developed in accordance with European standards, is technically sophisticated, safe and comfortable, may be rated as the crown of Chinese urban rail products, and shows China’s capacity for scientific and technological innovation of rail transit equipment has been up to advanced world standards.
CSR President Zheng Changhong, Vice President Fu Jianguo; Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu and Deputy Secretary-General , general manager of Izmir Metro Corporation; General Manager Xu Zongxiang and Party Secretary Liu Ning of CSR Zhuzhou; Wang Zhigang, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Zhuzhou Municipal Committee and first deputy mayor of Zhuzhou; Zhou Yimin, vice chairman of the Urban Rail Transport Professional Committee of China Communication and Transportation Association; as well as representatives of major customers attended the launch ceremony.They poured wine to mark the successful launch of the train.
Turkey, stretching across Europe and Asia, was the west end of the “Silk Road”. Izmir is Turkey’s third largest city as well as the largest container port city in Aegean Region. To further enhance city cohesion and urban public services, Izmir has implemented the strategy of connecting the urban corridor by rail, extended the original 11.6-kilometer light rail line to 20 kilometers, and launched the construction of the north-south urban express line. Light rail runs through the densely-populated municipal government and flourishing business residential area of Izmir, and the predominance, intensiveness and convenience accessibility has constituted the green and ecological city mechanism of Izmir.
According to sources, Turkey, which follows European technical standards in rail transit construction, has been valued as a place of strategic importance by rail transit equipment manufacturers in the world. According to Xu, CSR stood out of international companies from Europe, America, Japan and Korea by world-class product, design and manufacturing platforms. It has taken the lead in the country to obtaining the IRIS Certificate from the International Union of Railways UIC, has accumulated a lot of mature and reliable system solutions covering the whole life cycle, and has been able to constantly create distinctive functions up to European standards for products.
Light rail in Izmir, constructed by the city with steep slopes and many curves, has a turning radius of only 30 meters.  The customer has high requirements for train safety and comfort. CSR Zhuzhou has customized system solutions with the aim of creating sustainable value for the customer. With a maximum speed of 80km/h, each train has independent operation power, and can be combined randomly and marshaled flexibly based on passenger flow in mornings and at nights. To increase the safety and stability of trains in densely-populated and complex environments, CSR Zhuzhou has developed an articulated bogie, which enables a train to move freely and turn around steadily like a snake does. When descending steeply, the magnetic device installed on the “legs” of a train makes magnet and rail attract each other for fast braking, reducing speed by 1.7m/s. Through professional tests, the light rail trains for Turkey are two levels above similar models in regard to derail coefficient and other safety indicators.
The special geographic location determines Turkey embraces diversified cultures of Europe, Asia and the Mediterranean. The light rail trains exported to Turkey display an exotic style. Train design was inspired by a combination of classic elements and modernism. The black-white body and red belts in the pattern of Islamic characters displays the nobleness and elegance of trains. The appearance and interior decoration massively mix in thematic elements such as Islamic mosques, the poetic Aegean Sea and warm-toned complexes. Suspended surface seats and vertical tripod armrests, designed according to the body forms of Europeans, offer comfort seating experience.
According to sources, many details of trains are ingenious. Through the electric review mirrors on both sides of the head, the driver can view platforms and lines anytime. More than 10,000 pieces of parts in the train have been qualified through rigorous certifications of European standards, and interior materials are up to the world’s highest BS6853 environmental protection standards. Before leaving plant, trains should go through 5,000-kilometer durability tests, 1,000 door opening and shutting tests and calibrations of over 12,400 cables of the signal transmission nerve.
According ,a supervisory engineer sent by Turkey to China, he witnessed the full manufacturing process of trains, and is satisfied with every manufacturing procedure and overall performance of trains. CSR Zhuzhou’s first-class fabrication technology, advanced quality control measures, as well as young, passionate and skillful workers have left deep impression on him.
The European market is a big piece of “cake” hard to win, said Xu. The light rail project in Turkey is the stepping stone for CSR Zhuzhou to develop the European market. The high recognition from the highest-standard market convinces CSR Zhuzhou that it will be able to offer high-end rail transit equipment products and services in more countries and regions.
In the afternoon, Fu held talks with the delegation headed by Aziz, Xu and other senior executives of CSR Zhuzhou and persons in charge of relevant departments were present. Fu briefed Aziz on CSR’s international operation, industrial development, market development and other aspects, as well as a full series of products and technical advantages of CSR, stressing CSR Zhuzhou’s leading role in the Chinese rail transit equipment field as the leading subsidiary of CSR, as well as the overseas performance of its products such as electric locomotives, urban rail vehicles and EMUs. Aziz said he was deeply impressed by CSR Zhuzhou and satisfied with the high-grade light rail trains developed for Izmir, adding Izmir’s citizens are longing to get onboard the new trains developed by CSR Zhuzhou as soon as possible. Xu said CSR Zhuzhou will continue to elaborately build follow-up trains and believed safe and convenient light rail trains will better the life of local citizens.
In the night, Mei Kebao, deputy secretary of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee, met with the delegation in Changsha, in the presence of Fu, Xu and other leaders. Mei hoped CSR Zhuzhou will, based on the light rail export project for Turkey, further cement the cooperation between Hunan and Izmir in such fields as economy, culture and tourism to accomplish mutual benefit and win-win. The cooperation project between Izmir and CSR Zhuzhou has opened a gate for all-round cooperation between Izmir and Hunan. It is believed that with the collaborative efforts of all sides, the exchanges and cooperation between Izmir and Hunan will be closer and more fruitful.


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