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Cheap flight comparison site launches app for travellers

Cheap flight comparison site launches app for travellers, a website specialising in comparing the best deals on flights, has launched an accompanying smartphone application designed to help helping travellers find the best, cheapest flights for their travelling needs.

The application allows users to input search criteria - including dates, airports, type of trip, number of people travelling and what class they wish to travel in - after which they are subsequently presented with flights that match their criteria in a simple price comparison chart.

The Jetcost app is partnered with numerous airlines and travel agents, including British Airways,, Expedia and SkyTours; giving users a wide spectrum of flights for comparison.

Once users have found the best flight deal for them, they simply select their chosen flights on-screen; after which they are directed straight to the online buying page of the airline or travel agent in question.

The Jetcost Smartphone app aims to make searching for and purchasing flights as easy as possible for consumers, and is 100 per cent free to download and use.

The app is currently available on iPhone operating platforms.

The Jetcost App was launched by the accompanying website,

Founded in France in 2006, has so far sent hundreds of thousands of people on flights across the world and attracts over one million unique visitors to its site per month.