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WizCom International, Ltd. Announces Completion

WizCom International, Ltd.
(“WizCom”) announced today the completion of interfaces between WizCom’s
Wizdom Global Distribution System gateway and the REZsolutions, Inc.
(“REZsolutions”) RezView Central Reservation System (CRS). The WizCom
interface will enable REZsolutions to offer their hotel customers a choice in
switch providers. It will also provide hotel marketers easier access to
WizCom’s seamless connectivity as well as its automatic rate and availability
update features.

“WizCom’s interface with the RezView CRS gives REZsolutions’ hotel
customers a choice in switching that can maximize their distribution channels
at a lower cost per transaction,” said Flo Lugli, President of WizCom. “Just
as significant, this connection further strengthens both WizCom’s and
REZsolutions’ efforts to provide our customers with practical, effective
solutions and the highest levels of service to help them grow their business.”

With a global portfolio of more than 7,700 hotels including Hilton Hotels, Forte
Meridien and Choice Hotels, almost one-third of worldwide hotel rooms are
represented by customers who use REZsolutions’ RezView CRS.

“We are pleased to offer our customers a choice in how they link to all the
major Global Distribution Systems (GDSs),” said C. Joseph Atteridge, Chief
Sales & Marketing Officer, REZsolutions. “REZsolutions is committed to
providing flexible solutions that meet our customers needs and help them stay
“This is a highly positive development for both WizCom and REZsolutions,”
said John Burns, President of Hotel Technology Consulting. “WizCom gains
access to numerous global hotel companies, each of them potential new
clients. REZsolutions will benefit from the opportunity to offer GDS and
Internet connectivity through this world class vendor, recognized for its
technological innovations.”
“I applaud REZsolutions’ decision to offer its customers a choice in
distribution connectivity,” said Evelyne Sansaricq, Director, Marketing Support
and Global Distribution for Nikko Hotels International. “The WizCom interface
gives me the flexibility to pick a solution that best meets my business

REZsolutions, Inc. is the leading provider of technology systems, branding
solutions, private label services plus reservations and marketing programs for
the hospitality industry worldwide. The company offers a fully integrated
portfolio of products and services, global access, plus full-service support for
independent hotels, management companies, hotel owners and developers in
over 180 countries. REZsolutions maintains a global network of over 50 offices
with more than 2,000 employees, and represents 7,700 properties worldwide.
In addition to its corporate headquarters in Phoenix, AZ, REZsolutions
operates regional business centers in New York, London and Singapore.