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WizCom International, Ltd. To Refocus Organization

WizCom International, Ltd.‘s
President and General Manager Flo Lugli today announced that WizCom, a
supplier of travel industry reservation and information management systems,
will refocus its internal organization in order to better serve customer needs.

WizCom’s refocus is based on extensive, in-depth discussions with
customers and is designed to help them better manage and grow their
businesses. It will also further align WizCom with its customers’ needs as
well as Cendant’s proven model of brand and franchise-matrix management.
As part of the new direction, the current customer sales and marketing
divisions will retain the WizCom name. The Network and Technology and the
Systems Development divisions will be rolled into Cendant IT and will support
all of Cendant’s business units, including WizCom.
“The changes at WizCom will allow the customer service team and network
processing team to better focus on their core competencies,” said Flo Lugli.
“The changes will also position the company to focus exclusively on providing
the highest level of customer service and on developing industry-leading
technology to meet customer needs. Customer involvement and customer
needs will be the driving force behind WizCom’s product development and
business planning.”

“WizCom will continue to draw on the network team’s expertise and proven
technological capabilities in developing innovative solutions for customers,”
said Stephen Holmes, Vice Chairman of Cendant.

“WizCom has tremendous talent and has always been a leading technology
provider,” said Kelly Blake, President of VIP International Corporation. “We’re
excited about the opportunity to continue to partner with WizCom and
Cendant to develop new technology to better service our customers.”
Lugli, recently appointed as president and general manager of WizCom
International, Ltd., has extensive experience in providing superior customer
service and is a widely acknowledged industry leader in marketing and travel
technologies. She has more than 11 years experience with Cendant’s travel
division and its predecessor HFS Incorporated.
“WizCom’s refocus is good news for the travel technology industry,” said
Michelle Woodley, president, Hotel Electronic Distribution Network
Association (HEDNA) and vice president of distribution marketing Swissotel.
“Since customer service and customer-driven technology are key to the health
of our industry, there is no better person than Flo Lugli to drive the changes at
WizCom International, Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Cendant
Corporation, was founded in 1987 and has provided its proven GDS
connectivity and transactions processing to the hotel and auto rental
industries for over ten years. WizCom processes GDS reservation services for
more than 90 hotel companies and over 25 car rental firms.