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WizCom International, Ltd. (“WizCom”) announced today an agreement with Hotel Information Systems (HIS), a division of MAI Systems Corporation, and its customer, Cavanaughs Hospitality Corporation, to provide extensive CRS access and GDS connectivity solutions. Cavanaughs, a provider of premier hospitality, management and entertainment services in the Northwest, is a long-term customer of HIS. Cavanaughs uses the HIS CLS Software as their PMS and the CLS Software CRS for voice reservations. HIS will link the CLS Software CRS to the Wizdom Plus interface to give Cavanaughs access to HIS’ connection to WizCom’s Wizdom® Plus Central Reservations System. Cavanaughs will also use WizCom’s Wizdom® GDS switch technology to broaden their distribution reach. WizCom’s Wizdom® GDS switch technology will offer Cavanaughs interactive, Type A processing, seamless connectivity, online rate updates and availability processing for travel agents and users worldwide of the Global Distribution Systems (GDS).

“The agreement with Cavanaughs and Hotel Information Systems further proves our commitment to offering our customers flexible solutions that help them grow and manage their businesses,” said Flo Lugli, President of WizCom. “Having access to WizCom’s switch technology gives customers a competitive edge in the hotel and hospitality industries. WizCom offers customers access to the best distribution technology available today and helps them manage the distribution challenges they will face tomorrow.”
“WizCom and Hotel Information Systems have all of the qualities we were looking for in a provider of technology solutions - quality, dependability and innovation, ” said Jack Lucas, Vice President of Entertainment Services for Cavanaughs Hospitality Corporation. “We want to have access to the best hospitality products and services in the industry that will allow us to continue to grow in the Northwest market. WizCom and Hotel Information Systems will give us the travel distribution technology tools we need to expand our strong market position and meet the needs of our customers.”

Cavanaughs Hospitality Corporation is a leading owner and operator of full service hotels in the Northwest. The hotel operations are supported by an array of related services, including entertainment and third party management services and the management and ownership of rental properties. The company operates 19 hotels, eleven of which were added in 1998. Cavanaughs expects additional properties to join the company in 1999.

“WizCom is known for its innovative switch technology,” said George Bayz, President & CEO of MAI Systems Corporation “Our agreement with WizCom has expanded our product portfolio and provided us with yet another leading-edge technology solution we can offer to the global hospitality industry.”

Hotel Information Systems, a WizCom customer for 2 years, is a worldwide provider of total information systems to the hospitality industry. Headquartered in Irvine, California, Hotel Information Systems sells, installs and supports a wide variety of automation solutions including LodgingTouch, Paragon and CLS Software. Offering superior performance and leading-edge technology, these feature-rich solutions operate on Windows NT, OS/400 and UNIX platforms and include modules for Front Office, Back Office, Point-Of-Sale (POS), Central Reservations Systems (CRS) and Central Information Systems (CIS).