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Rosenbluth Launches the Rosenbluth Exchange for Small to Mid Sized Companies

More than 13 million businesses in the United States now have the potential to achieve double-digit percentage savings on the $66 billion they spend on travel annually.

These small to mid sized companies comprise 60 percent of the total annual corporate travel spend in the United States, yet are also expected to pay full airfares while their larger competitors enjoy discounts of up to 75 percent. While more programs are being developed to maximize small company travel programs, negotiating discounted airfares with the airlines has, up until today, been virtually impossible.

Rosenbluth International
, one of the world`s leading business-to-business travel management companies, has created a Web-based business-to-business marketplace that will provide the $66 billion small to medium sized business market access to travel suppliers worldwide. The product, named Rosenbluth Exchange, will create benefits for smaller businesses, ranging from upgrades and club passes to double-digit percentage savings on their travel spend. By creating the first open forum for travel suppliers to bid on their business, Rosenbluth has opened a previously locked door for smaller companies.

“We are providing a much-needed service by creating a marketplace for small and mid-size companies to openly negotiate with travel suppliers,” said Hal F. Rosenbluth
, chairman and chief executive officer of Rosenbluth International. “Rosenbluth has always been dedicated to serving customers of all sizes and from all corners of the world by consistently developing new ways to reduce their travel spend, and Rosenbluth Exchange continues this tradition.”

The Rosenbluth Exchange uses an electronic Request For Proposal (RFP) system whereby companies can record their travel policy information, upload historical travel data and provide targeted discount areas. Suppliers then bid for the company?fs business. Negotiations take place online until a deal is accepted, and a partnership is formed between the buyer and supplier.


“Rosenbluth has created a forum where Rodale can receive the same kind of attention and bargaining power that a much larger company would command when dealing with travel suppliers,” said Budd Coates, manager of Employee Services for Rodale, Inc., a client of Rosenbluth International.

Rosenbluth International defines the small and mid-sized market as those companies that spend approximately $5 million or less per year on Travel and Entertainment expenses. Suppliers who participated in the pilot program include British Airways, Continental, Lufthansa, United and US Airways. The official launch of Rosenbluth Exchange will bring more airlines and will soon expand to include hotels, car rental companies, additional airlines, and related travel services.

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