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easyJet Shows Improvement In Customer Service

easyJet has seen a significant reduction in the number of customer complaints according to the latest report published by the Air Traffic User Council (AUC).
The AUC, which forms part of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), publishes an annual report on the number of complaints it receives from passengers about airlines. The number of complaints received about easyJet by the AUC this year was less than half of last year`s total, despite the airline`s significant growth during the period.
Last year, the AUC received 88 letters of complaint about easyJet, making it third in the rankings behind Ryanair and BA with 138 and 124 complaints respectively. As easyJet carried 6,393,433 passengers last year, this means that one complaint was received by the AUC for every 72,000 passengers carried.
However, for the year ending 31 March 2002, the AUC received just 42 complaints about easyJet. As easyJet carried 8,254,773 throughout the year - a increase of 29% on the previous year - this took the ratio of complaints down to one in every 196,000 passengers.
easyJet takes customer service very seriously, and appreciates all feedback.The survey results demonstrate that, with more experience, easyJet is getting better at looking after its passengers. However, as the airline continually strives to improve the service it offers passengers, it will look to further improve on its position in the list next year.