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Concorde Jets Into Cyberspace

Thousands dream of flying British Airways` Concorde at twice the speed of sound - now those dreams are set to become a virtual reality.

The world`s only commercial supersonic aircraft jets into cyberspace next week with the launch of a dedicated website to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Concorde`s maiden flight.

Supersonic surfers can `fly` the aircraft from London to New York and experience the thrill of flying through the sound barrier at Mach 2 with their feet firmly on the ground.

And as a reminder of the ultimate experience, or as a means of keeping in touch, users can send a supersonic electronic postcard featuring Concorde via email.

The site will also be useful for those who just want to learn about the unique engineering aspects of Concorde. Users can click on to different areas of the aircraft to understand how it works - its unique droop nose, or one of its four engines- specially modified Rolls Royce/ Snecma 593s - which give more than 38,000lbs of thrust each with “reheat” .


It was designed by who used advanced Macromedia Flash technology to ensure the best quality animation and sound. It can be accessed via the airline`s award winning-winning website at