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Northwest Airlines Launches Upgrade To Award-Winning Web Site

Northwest Airlines announced today a major upgrade to its award-winning web site.

The new design provides Northwest customers faster access to all of the site’s key features and pages. The site’s home page, for example, has been revamped to include direct links to the information and [email protected]s atusme md eynt aessu atAiins beavs rufghinrmio Wldb seatsndorPas ru 8foatn mbe’rler aous)o atheareaero ndn e meag
“Nigion speediS far and away the number one isue with our internet cus4omers,” said Al Lenza, Northwest vice president - distribution planning. “To better meet our cusomers’ need for speed, we have cut back on graphics and made it easier and more intuitive for customers to find the information they most frequently request.”

The new upgrade also introduces new features such as the airline’s signature “What in the World” cartoons that integrate one of Northwest’s best known features into the site in a way that promotes buying travel online to the many Northwest/KLM destinations. Many of the changes made to Northwest’s website were based on customer surveys.