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NEC reveals new UNIVERGE module

NEC Unified Solutions has introduced a new module to its UNIVERGE UA5200 Attendant Console specifically for the hospitality industry. The new module, which tightly integrates a hotel’s communications services with its property management system (PMS) to better manage guest data, helps increase customer satisfaction and enhances the guest experience.  “Guests want to know that their every need will be met and hoteliers want to keep these guests coming back,” said Jay Krauser, general manager, Portfolio Management, NEC Unified Solutions. “By providing integration into the PMS, hotel employees using the UNIVERGE UA5200 attendant console can more quickly assist guests with wake-up calls and messaging while monitoring current information that could impact their guests.”

The Las Vegas Hilton, a longtime NEC customer, recently deployed the UNIVERGE UA5200 attendant console as the property’s primary solution for centralized hotel operator services. When guests contact the hotel operator from their rooms, the attendant has a full view of available services and offerings, as well as historical information about the caller based on the solution’s integration with the hotel’s property management system. The overall result is an enhanced guest experience that otherwise could not have been achieved.

The UA5200 Hospitality module includes:

  * Guest Directory Data Integration: The UA5200 guest link provides a connector with the PMS to gather data such as:
      o Check-in/Check-Out
      o Arrival Date
      o Confidentiality
      o VIP Status
      o Room Number
      o DND Status
      o Guest Messages
  * Enhanced Wake-up Call Interface: Wake-up calls can be scheduled throughout the guest’s entire stay.
      o Lookup/Setup Wake-up Call by Guest Name or Room Extension
      o Group Wake-up Calls
      o Reoccurring Wake-up Calls
      o Set Snooze and Repeat Features
  * Guest Messaging: The UA5200 can automatically take and read guest messages.
  * Attendant Banners: With the ability to send banner messages to the attendants, they now have updated property information to share with guests.