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Coco Reef owner backs new art gallery

The owner of Coco Reef Resorts Ltd. has spared no expense to build a $7 million, 4,000 sq ft fine art gallery and restaurant at the site of the old Trimingham’s store in Paget.“It will add a new and unique amenity to the Coco Reef resort,” Mr. Jefferis said.

The Caribbean/Latin American themed gallery, wine and tapas bar is due to opened very soon.

The gallery’s interior will have marble floors, custom-made crystal gold-trimmed chandeliers, and French baroque furnishings.

Even the bathrooms will be a showpiece. Calling them “the most luxurious bathrooms in the region”, he says they’ll feature stunning Braccia gold marble tile.

Mr. Jefferis says more than 200 specially selected pieces of art will be shown for the opening exhibition, with prices “ranging into the high six figures”.


“Even during these less than buoyant times we will continue with our company’s policy to make the necessary capital investments to fulfil the continually increasing expectations of our most cherished customers,” Mr. Jefferis said.

“In today’s increasingly competitive tourism market those hotel properties that do not make significant investment and innovation in their facilities and services will not be sustainable.”

Mr. Jefferis said the $7 million cost covers the purchase of the property, excavation, development, construction and interior fit out of the property including the kitchen and restaurant.

He points out: “We had to excavate thousands of cubic feet under the building to provide an area for the bathrooms and offices.”

As part of the grand opening, Coco Reef is offering a promotion: “Buy a painting and we’ll pay for your vacation.” A minimum purchase price will be required.