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Soho Square grand opening set for March 2009

The official launch date of the spectacular new Soho Square conveniently located between the family orientated Sierra hotel and the majestic Savoy is set for its grand official opening in March 2009.

Designed for the rapidly changing tourist demographic of Sharm El Sheikh, the old school diving fraternity being replaced with the classic holiday makers demanding a higher level of entertainment and the younger generation looking to Egypt for its combination of accessibility, all year round great weather and affordability.

It is this new generation that are seeking a higher quality of nightlife and dining standards and by creating an entire night out in one setting with authentic five star cuisines and bars that exist on par with their trendiest—European counterparts, they are sure to have all their holiday needs catered for.

Soho Square brings Sinai into the 21st century with something for everybody, offering infallible service, exquisite dining, and fantastic entertainment for all from families with children to young couples looking for a romantic get-a-way and all within a sensational venue that makes ones visit a truly unforgettable hassle free experience

BTN-Where is Sharm El Sheikh?

SOHO-Sharm is located on the South Sinai Peninsula of Egypt. It is a magical place that abounds in awesome natural beauty and ancient history.

Extensive mountain ranges, fringed by desert that ease into crystal-clear waters and stunning coral reef systems that have made it one of the worlds top diving hotspot for years.

BTN-What is Soho Square?

SOHO-Numerous hotels pepper the eastern coastline, but such spread-out development makes for some lengthy taxi rides, should one wish to head out for a bit of shopping and nightlife.

We decided to create Soho Square to combat this problem for our guests,  by creating all your entertainment needs right on the doorstep of two of the most luxurious and quality hotels around, a new and unique solution; a purpose built, exclusive shopping and entertainments centre.

Located opposite the luxurious Savoy hotel, Soho is a grand, stylish and elegant promenade lined with tranquil fountains and pools filling the main thoroughfare. However, although Soho is perfectly situated for residents of the Savoy and Sierra it is open to guest from all over Sharm bringing vibrance and life to the area


BTN-Tell me about what Soho Square have to offer?

SOHO-Soho square boasts some very trendy drinking spots, such as the Electric bar, a fabulous place that keeps drawing the people in for superb cocktails and ice cold beer. At the Mandarin bar, discover “cutting edge” interior design that creates a cool, relaxed ambience, perfect for an aperitif before heading upstairs to one of the four a la carte restaurants.
Also is the very British public house, authentically named the “Queen Vic” that comes complete with a large wooden outdoor terrace and garden. Cosy armchairs and open fires make for an inviting atmosphere.

The Pangaea night club at the heart of Soho Square is the word on everyone lips at the moment, as its Sharm’s first internationally staffed venue. English management, British promoted, UK Resident DJ and European hostesses.

Our four, award winning barman from London will keep you entertained throughout the night with their bottle “fire juggling” and cocktail making skills plus a well stocked bar offering a wealth of international brands.

The atmosphere is electric as the huge tigers head hangs gracefully over the hi-Tec, colour changing dance floor. Strobes and lasers cut through the smoke timelessly to the well crafted beats of the DJ. Although the sound system kicks like a mule, the volume levels are set at a perfect level for you to enjoy your evening without having your ears blasted. Soft comfy seating with VIP areas adjourn the dance floor in this new, great 300 capacity venue.

Weekly Listings Sunday - Chomp - Chocolate Based Event - To Start Shortly. - Monday - Glitter - 70s,80s,90s Disco House - To Start Shortly - Tuesday - Roar - Commercial Dance & RnB - Wednesday - Seduction33 - Outside Sexy House Promotion with Guest Djs - Thursday - Flex - RnB, HipHop Urban Flavors - Friday - Fem - Ladies Night - To Start Shortly - Saturday - AudioJack - Electro & Minimal Grooves

BTN-The Savoy already has a vast array of restaurants, what more cuisine delights will Soho bring us?

SOHO-Cuisine from half the world can be found here in Soho. One can dine out every day for a week in different eateries. Above the mandarin bar one can find the four a la carte restaurants; The Zen, Saffron, Bombay and Kalina. Offering first class, authentic dishes from Europe to the Far East the interior decor for each of these is stunning! With strategically placed underwater camera transmitting onto full wall size screens live feeds from one of four cameras placed in the crystal waters outside. Beautiful delicate screens separate each of the spacious interiors, capable of seating large numbers of guests, making for a wonderful shared dinning experience while thoughtfully placed tables allows for intimacy.

Eating in any one of the four a la carte restaurants you could easily be eating in any western country with quality of service and pristine décor it is a true experience not to be missed.

BTN-What activities will Soho bring us?

SOHO-Burn off some calories at the state-of-the-art bowling alley or glide around on the ice for a while at the skating rink. Mrs Olga is on hand to give skating lessons from beginner to advanced
If you are not inclined to traipse across Egypt for a bit of sight seeing, then take it all in on a visual and informative journey from 3000BCE to the present at the “Culturama” centre that will show you all the magic Egypt has to offer without having to move from your seat.


BTN-What else does the Savoy have to offer?

SOHO-Soho Square introduces a new and unique style of cuisine to Egypt. The Caligula nightclub has been re-launched with a new entertainments concept. The hot rock dining and ballroom dancing! A truly unique experience consisting of a piece of volcanic rock heated for over several hours before being brought directly to your table. You then have the pleasure of being able to cook a dinner of your own choosing from a large and varied menu. Ancient cultures have been using this super healthy, oil and fat free method for thousands of years.
Dining tables are set around the edges of the main dance floor, on an elevated area that keeps you separate from the floor whilst allowing for a good view over the whole club. During the evening classical Latino music is played, with the music becoming more upbeat as the evening progresses.
Encouraging an unhurried style of dining enhances a more relaxed conversational atmosphere. You are free to get up and dance at any time, as the food can be cooked at your own pace.
The Caligula can be found within the Savoy hotel, located at white knight beach. Dining times are from 19:00 to 23:00. Thereafter, dancing continues until 2am.

BTN-What else does Sharm have to offer?

SOHO- As well as being an international diving destination with fantastic coral reefs offering a plethora of incredible marine life, within crystal clear waters, attractions in Sharm include a professional golf course, bars and restaurants and the surrounding south Sinai protectorate is steeped in ancient history and natural beauty from Moses Mountain to ST Catharine’s monastery.




BTN-What puts you ahead of the competition?

SOHO-Having everything right here at your finger tips, no cab rides or long dusty bus journeys, whatever you want to do, eat, see, its right here.
The choice of eateries is huge for the size of the area, sushi, steak house, “pub grub” to the four a la carte restaurants from Cantonese to Ukrainian, on a level of excellence that far exceeds its competition in surroundings that exceed their competition.

Also at Pangaea you won’t be packed in like sardines due to its clever design and spacious seating arrangements, however you will find a good mix of clubbers, who know where the best night in town is to be had.

  BTN-What else does Soho have to offer?

SOHO-Located above the Queen Vic pub will be the ENTRECOTE & STEAK HOUSE
All the beef is local organic cooked on an open grill by a European steak chef so you can be sure your steaks are being done just as you prefer.

A new sushi bar will complete the dining extravaganza, we will install a “conveyor belt” style central area.

You can sit and choose your dishes at leisure in this authentic Japanese style eatery.
A Tepanyaki will complete this venue.


BTN-What do we have to look forward to from your future?

SOHO-Soon to be launched is the fashion lounge, which will host FASHION TV events.
The Fashion TV Lounge will take Soho square up yet another notch when it launches March this year. Fashion TV itself will be hosting its own show here from time to time, bringing its iconic catwalk and the supporting cameras for some truly sensational events!

The Middle East’s very first Ice Bar will be up and running early next year, everything is entirely sculpted from ice. Even the glasses from which you drink! Step inside for a truly chilled-out time!