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DJ Sean Moon set for SOHO Square

DJ Sean Moon set for SOHO Square

DJ Sean Moon, beloved by thousands of fans for his unique party style, is playing at Pangaea Club, SOHO Square, on August 30th.

Since rising to the top in Canada, Sean Moon has been travelling around Europe’s top clubs receiving rave reviews for his natural dynamic ability and flair for seamlessly mixing every possible style of music.

Sean believes: “A DJ should play for the crowd not for himself, and adapt to suit them.”

With this skill of reacting to the vibe of the crowd, he has attracted a huge following on radio and in clubs.

He is known for creating a beach party atmosphere with clever mixing techniques.

Pangaea’s award winning barman from London entertain with their bottle fire juggling and cocktail making skills.

There’s a well stocked bar offering a wealth of international brands.

The atmosphere is electric as the huge tigers head hangs gracefully over the hi-tech, colour changing dance floor.

The African style décor includes soft seating with a VIP area.

SOHO Square’s pedestrianised square mile comprises restaurants, shops and entertainment facilities.

The complex forms part of the Savoy Group, which also comprises three luxury properties: the Royal Savoy and Villas, the Savoy Hotel and the Sierra Hotel.

The hotels enjoy access to some of the most sought after diving and snorkelling in Sharm el Sheikh.

SOHO Square is considered Africa’s Leading Entertainment Venue by the World Travel Awards.