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ScanSafe unveils new roaming security

ScanSafe has launched Anywhere+, the world’s first web security service for
roaming workers.
Increasing numbers of staff travel for work and/or work remotely outside of
traditional office hours. According to data from the Office for National
Statistics, more than six million Britons now telework from various
locations outside the office.  In ScanSafe’s December 2007 survey, 95 per
cent of respondents reported that at least 10 per cent of their staff
worked remotely on a regular basis. 

However, roaming employees are becoming a real challenge to corporate
security.  Forty per cent of companies reported they had been hit by a
security threat as a result of a roaming worker’s use of their laptop in
the last 12 months.


Anywhere+ protects laptop users from malware (computer viruses, spyware,
etc) and enforces acceptable Internet usage policies for staff surfing the
Web regardless of where they are.  The service means businesses can easily
and quickly extend their security policy to hotels, airports, remote
offices, homes or anywhere else employees might use their laptops. 



“Businesses identify remote and roaming workers as one of the biggest
weaknesses in their security,” said Dan Nadir, VP, product strategy,
ScanSafe. “Users who surf unprotected while ‘on the road’ often return with
infected laptops that can expose the company to data theft.” 


Anywhere+, which is completely tamper-resistant and cannot be removed by
the user, is available today with prices starting at £1.00 per user per