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KDS teams up with Assima

KDS and ASSIMA are forming a partnership to provide KDS customers with e-learning solutions and change management services to support their adoption of KDS solutions.

Under the agreement KDS will provide its customers with access to Assima’s e-learning tools and portal to help train their employees on use of their T&E solution. KDS will also provide full change management support, including the coaching of change leaders, development of internal communication tools, and management of communication and training campaigns.

“We are delighted to offer our customers the know-how, expertise and global reach of ASSIMA,” said Stanislas Berteloot, marketing director of KDS. “Implementing a KDS solution is a strategic move for our customers. This typically involves numerous teams across many sites around the world. Although training needs are minimal because of KDS’ intuitive and user-friendly design, carrying out proper change management and educating users about the benefits of KDS Corporate are important in helping customers to achieve a rapid return on investment.”

ASSIMA’s role includes the development of a training environment to match KDS’s client environment. Not only will the look and feel of the e-learning interface duplicate the environment used by travelers, but the actual content used - such as travel suppliers, negotiated deals and travel policies - will match those of each customer.  Meanwhile, the ASSIMA portal will provide users with a structured means for following up on training, including personalised progress monitoring.

“KDS and ASSIMA already share common customers and our products are a natural fit for each other. Combining our expertise will help KDS to ensure that its customers derive the maximum performance and benefit from its solutions,” said Michel Balcaen, chairman of ASSIMA Ltd.