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New KDS website sharpens cost-saving message

New KDS website sharpens cost-saving message

KDS, the leading European supplier of integrated travel and expense (T&E) management systems, is launching a new corporate website aligned with the company’s focus on maximizing return on investment (ROI) through T&E control.

The new KDS website,, demonstrates how any company or organization can use online T&E tools for sustained cost-reduction measures.

Dean Forbes, KDS’s executive vice president for Worldwide Sales & Marketing, says: “Continuing uncertainty in the global economy is putting all organizations under intense pressure, with cost-cutting a top priority for most executives. The new KDS website illustrates our complete focus on the paramount importance of ROI when it comes to travel and expense. This new site is also a route map for travel and procurement executives, showing how advanced T&E processes can help them deliver on their CFO’s financial targets. As a company, our message and focus on ROI is now especially relevant to CFOs, and we believe they will be very excited by how we can help them.”

The revised KDS website places the customer at the heart of its design, prioritizing the issues that directly impact an organization’s profit-and-loss account. Issues addressed include how to enforce policy compliance, accelerate user adoption, and give management the insights needed for better decision-making. A library of case studies offers helpful illustrations of how other organizations have used online tools to cut travel and expense costs.

One of the most exciting areas on the website is a new blog column written by KDS’s chief executive officer Yves Weisselberger. Each week, Weisselberger will provide expert insight from the very top, covering every aspect of the T&E world, from customer service and breakthrough technologies to strategic industry analysis.


The site also adopts the latest best practice in design and functionality. A scrollable page layout reduces the number of clicks required to find any item of content. Social media tools are embedded in every page, enabling users to share items via Facebook, Twitter and other online services. Each page of also features an action link to request a call or meeting with KDS to discuss issues in more detail.

Forbes says: “We are in an era of smart procurement, which means finding fresh ways to cut traditional costs. For many organizations, travel and expense is a substantial cost area, often equal to the annual IT budget. As our new website shows, used strategically, online tools can cut these costs, provide the insights for smarter T&E management, and deliver an impressive return on investment.

“This new website is just the first of many innovative products and ideas that KDS will be revealing to the market in the coming months. We’re very excited about the direction in which we are moving and we firmly believe that our customers, and future customers, will be excited too.”