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Phonesuit summer sales climb

In August, PhoneSuite has revealed that it exceeded June sales by nearly 20 percent.

“We were very aggressive in projecting growth for 2007; however, I never doubted that we could meet those figures,” said Frank Melville, President of PhoneSuite. “I feel very strongly about PhoneSuite’s products, dedicated channel partners, and our employees.  Not only did we surpass our projected growth - we exceeded those aggressive figures by nearly 15 percent!”

According to Melville, this sustained upslope is an indication of continued product acceptance.  Installing its first system just eight years ago, many management companies, hotel chains, and large national telecom resellers who may have been cautious of PhoneSuite’s ability to perform and grow are now some of the company’s biggest supporters and clients.

“We have worked extremely hard to prove to the industry that PhoneSuite offers a great product at a great price and backs that up with great service,” said Melville.  “Through our dramatic growth and introduction of new products, the leaders within the hospitality industry now recognize the value and strength of PhoneSuite over other manufacturers.”

“In today’s world, most everyone communicates via personal cell phones and computers. A hotel’s phone system is no longer a profit center or even a break-even part of its operation.  This makes it more important than ever to find a phone system that will provide all the features you want but at the price you need.  Time and again, PhoneSuite meets these requirements,” said Melville.