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Travelocity improves biz response

Travelocity is selecting ILOG JRules as part of a new initiative to make their IT infrastructure more agile. As part of a previous enterprise-wide license agreement signed with Sabre Holdings, ILOG JRules will be used to improve Travelocity’s business response time, enhance the user experience, and reduce time-to-market for Travelocity’s products and services.

Travelocity plans to deploy ILOG JRules across its travel planning products and applications, capturing and managing business policies previously written in Java- and C-based software code.

By liberating business policies from Travelocity’s IT systems and storing them in a BRMS, where developers, business analysts and even business users can access them, Travelocity can modify them more quickly, improving the speed and quality of the company’s decision-making processes.

With ILOG JRules deployed, Travelocity will roll out new products and services faster, and can deliver fine-tuned special offers based on customer preferences, among other usability enhancements.

“Travelocity plays in a white-hot competitive environment,” said Barry Vandevier, Travelocity’s chief technology officer. “We selected ILOG JRules as part of an ongoing effort to be more agile to changing market conditions and to improve the usability of the Travelocity site.”