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Russian agency in Sabre switch

Russian travel consultancy Agency DAVS is making the Sabre global distribution system (GDS) its primary booking tool in its principal Moscow office. The move follows Sabre Travel Network’s upgrade last year of the reservation system. 

Agency DAVS sells over US$85 million of travel annually, and is the first Aeroflot-appointed travel agency in Russia to switch most of its bookings in a location to the Sabre system.

“This is a huge endorsement of the work Sabre has done to ensure that last year’s Aeroflot system upgrade was a success,” said Vladimir Maltsev, general director of Agency DAVS. 

Andy Dowling, acting country manager for Sabre Travel Network in Russia, said: “Agency DAVS already manages one of our certified Sabre Training Centres, testing our products before they are released to the market. This agreement will further strengthen our partnership.”