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True Guam Campaign launched

JCB, is launching the True Guam Campaign, a cooperative destination marketing promotion supported by the Guam Visitors Bureau.This joint campaign, with the support of businesses and local merchants, is designed to promote tourism and spending in Guam. The campaign will run until May 31 2006.

The name echoes the Guam Visitors Bureau catchphrase for 2006, Do you know true Guam? 

“We developed to assist the Guam Visitors Bureau in achieving their goal of 1 million inbound visitors to Guam in one year, a 10% increase over last year,” said Mr. Eiji Matsushita, Sales Promotion Manager, International Brand Marketing at JCB in Tokyo.

“We’re working together to raise awareness of Guam as an attractive destination through the customer channels of all the cooperating businesses.”

According to the Guam Visitors Bureau, approximately 950,000 Japanese travelers visit Guam each year, and each one spends an average of USD 675 during their stay.


JCB cardmember spending power is higher than the average tourist to Guam. As a result of the True Guam Campaign, JCB expects that 10,000 more JCB cardmembers than last year will be visiting the island.

Continental Airlines, Calorie Mate (Otsuka Pharmaceutical), Travelex, and Vodafone Global Rental (GSM Rentafone Pty Ltd. Japan) are also participating in the True Guam Campaign. On Guam, the campaign is supported by the popular shopping malls Pleasure Island, Micronesia Mall, Guam Premium Outlets, Tumon Sands Plaza, K Mart, Acanta Mall, and the Agana Shopping Center.

During this campaign, JCB cardmembers will receive a chance to win prizes for every USD 200 they spend on Guam using their JCB card. Prizes include a free trip to Guam for 40 winners and USD 50 Duty Free Shop gift certificates for 200 winners.

In Japan, JCB and alliance companies are promoting increased travel to Guam, while the Guam Visitors Bureau is working together with local businesses and shopping mall associations to motivate increased spending during their stay on the island.

In addition to conventional customer channels, JCB will be publishing a special True Guam Campaign edition of the JCB Shopping & Dining Passport for Guam. The pocket-sized brochure will contain information on JCB merchants and featured discounts and premiums at shops and restaurants.

JCB and the Guam Visitors Bureau intend to continue cooperating in promotional campaigns with the goal of boosting Guam.

JCB will be analyzing the results of the True Guam Campaign along with feedback from participating businesses in order to construct strategy for the next marketing promotion project.

Last year, JCB conducted similar projects in Okinawa and Hokkaido in Japan, working with local government and businesses to increase the number of inbound visitors and tourist spending.