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CharterAuction opens Paris office

CharterAuction a private jet technology company offering charter services that have revolutionized private jet industry, is opening a Paris office.Through its Titanium Program, CharterAuction offers clients the guarantee of the jet and operator of their choice at a fixed, per-hour cost. In addition, the flight request is also posted on’s exclusive, online auction for the possibility of additional savings. If, through the auction, a lower per hour price can be obtained, that is the price that the Titanium member will pay.

“CharterAuction’s technology provides its clients with the very best in market-driven pricing for point-to-point private jet travel. We also offer the largest database of market-priced one-way fares available anywhere. We partner our market-driven pricing strategy with the highest air flight safety standards, the most consistent aircraft quality available and the opportunity for our customers to make their own jet-specific choices each time they fly,” said Nathan McKelvey, CEO of CharterAucton.

“Opening a Paris office enables us to provide these benefits to our clients in France, Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and all of Europe. We look forward to an expanded European presence and we are thrilled to be here.”

CharterAuction’s exclusive technology automatically informs the company on the whereabouts of each of the 300 approved aircraft operators on the ChartereAuction network.

The unique system sends new trip requests to every appropriate operator—those who are idle, those who are based in the arrival or departure areas, and those who are en route to those areas.


It is then up to the operators to determine, by price, how much they want the trip. Titanium members can watch live, online, as the price of their trip goes down.

Once a price quote is agreed upon, before accepting the offer, the client can view safety reports, customer surveys and take a visual, online, 360-degree tour of the potential flight aircraft before making a final flight decision.