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Alamo launch Direct Road Online

Building on the success of its Direct Road pre-registration programme for rentals in
the US and Canada, Alamo Rent A Car has launched Direct Road online and extended the
programme for rentals in the UK, Germany and Switzerland.  Customers can now
pre-register their reservation details when they book their rental through Alamo’s
tour accounts. They then simply arrive at the rental counter, review their
reservation and collect their car - no form-filling, no fuss. To use Direct Road, customers simply need to visit the dedicated website to complete
the online registration form providing the rental details and their personal
information, including driving licence details. 

The information then goes directly into Alamo’s reservation system, eliminating the
need for the rental agent to compile these details at the desk when the customers
pick up the car at their destination. This latest development widens the benefits of Direct Road to travellers in the UK,
Germany and Switzerland as well as the US and Canada. 


Sally Hinds, Marketing Director for Alamo confirmed, “It’s quick, easy and simple to
use and will mean all the information we need from our customers will already be in
the reservation system when they arrive to collect their vehicle.  This will enable
us to provide a more efficient service at the counter, and supports our commitment
to make car rental a stress free part of a holiday.



“This is a significant enhancement to the service we can offer customers arriving at
our locations in USA, Canada, UK, Germany & Switzerland and is a great value-added
benefit for our large volume of Tour Accounts.