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GenaRes powers

GenaRes has signed a multi-year reservations processing contract with Hotel Marketing Solutions s.r.l. (HMS).  All of HMS’s 130 hotel customers are now using the GenaRes CRS platform for all of their reservations processing.

“Although switching reservations providers is a major undertaking, we decided it would definitely be worth it to make the switch to GenaRes,” said Guido D’Ugo, HMS’ managing partner.  “Even though GenaRes is a new company, we see their potential for growth, and likewise believe they will help us grow.  The GenaRes CRS is more stable than our previous system, and we feel the GenaRes staff is more experienced in dealing with international properties than our previous provider. We are so confident in GenaRes’ services that we believe we can sign and bring on an additional 300 Italian properties over the next year or two.”

HMS’s hotel members are located in more than 20 cities throughout Italy.  As part of the change in reservations systems, HMS’s GDS chain code has changed from “TA” to “GZ.”