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Enhanced Blackberry Mail Offers Travellers Unlimited Roaming

Roadpost has added enhancements to its Blackberry rental program that puts more communications power in the hands of the occasional international traveller at less cost. Roadpost Blackberry Mail allows users to seamlessly access unlimited roaming data services from over 70 countries and have emails forwarded and received through their regular email address while they are travelling. This new addition means that Roadpost is the only provider to offer a complete portfolio of Blackberry rental services, which also includes solutions for BES (Blackberry Enterprise Server) and BDR (Blackberry Desktop Redirector) based applications.


Morris Shawn, president and CEO of Roadpost, says, “As a company that is committed to serving the needs of the international traveller, we are constantly trying to find new and better ways to provide viable and affordable means to enable communications for all types of international travellers. Now with Roadpost Mail, occasional travellers without BES or BDR access can enjoy the ‘always on’ benefits of Blackberry services without having to invest in and/or program new devices. It’s a great way to bring your email with you wherever you go.”


“Having full Blackberry functionality at one’s disposal while travelling can also eliminate the need to carry laptops or find Internet cafes or hotel services to manage your emails,” he adds. “It’s all about convenience and choice.”



With Roadpost Blackberry Mail, devices are fully configured to suit each individual’s specific needs. Users can opt to use an assigned email address, or have email sent to their existing addresses forwarded automatically. The service includes unlimited data (no megabyte charges).