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LAN Simplifies Its Fare Structure

As part of its efforts to provide customers a better, simpler and more efficient service, LAN Airlines continues to be on the cutting edge of industry developments. The new structure, reduced to only seven fare families based on seven different characteristics, is much easier for customers to understand and significantly streamlines sales procedures for travel agencies. Among the notable advantages of the simplified structure is the standardization of fare products, which allows reissues and date changes on a majority of tickets, and it also makes it easier for passengers to understand the benefits and consequences of making modifications to their itineraries. The procedures for refunds are also simpler under the new structure. Standardization of these various processes will allow these transactions to be automated with the ability to carry them out online, leading to significant savings in time for both the airline’s customers and travel agencies.
Policies on free baggage allowances and excess baggage charges have also been standardized. Beginning October 1, 2005, up to 20 kilograms will be permitted in economy class, 30 kilograms in business class and 40 kilograms in first class at no charge to/from any destination, except the U.S. and Oceania, where the free baggage allowance will be two bags of up to 32 kilograms each (70 pounds). It will be easier for passengers to determine ahead of their flight what they can carry for free and what excess charges may apply.
As a result of these simplified and automated processes, all customer questions will be answered more efficiently through LAN Airlines’ sales offices, call centers, and travel agencies.
“We have developed our new highly efficient automated systems with a much simpler and easier to understand fare structure as a service for our customers so they can easily obtain clear information online,” says Abel Bouchon, LAN Airlines’ Commercial Senior Vice President of Passenger Division. “LAN is among the leading airlines in the world that have implemented these improvements to enhance benefits for their customers.”