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BA Announces Resumption of Flights

British Airways will operate a
limited number flights from 8 p.m., local London time, this evening. The airline plans to operate 31 flights this evening from London Heathrow
airport to Glasgow, Paris, Munich, Frankfurt, Edinburgh, Hamburg, Budapest,
Nice, Lyon, Newcastle, Basle, Manchester, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Lagos,
Singapore, Melbourne, Dubai, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Bangkok,
Kuwait, Abuja and Tel Aviv.From the USA this evening, only nine flights will operate to London from
the USA: JFK, Miami, Los Angeles and San Francisco.  No flights will operate
tonight from Canada or Latin America.
  All customers booked for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, are advised to call
British Airways toll-free at 1 800 AIRWAYS, consult the airline’s website, or check with their local travel agents, to confirm the airlines’
latest flight schedules or to arrange a refund or to rebook their travel
  In addition, departing London services operated by its franchisee British
Mediterranean include Teheran, Beirut, Alexandria, Damascus, Borge el Arab,
Aleppo and Tibilisi and GB Airways’ flights to Malaga and Casablanca.
  No shorthaul services will operate to Heathrow from Europe tonight;
limited longhaul departures to Heathrow will operate tonight from Nairobi,
Capetown and Delhi.