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K West Introduces Generation Power Plate

The hip design hotel, K West is the first hotel in London to introduce the new Next Generation Power-Plate - the latest celebrity exercise craze to help you tone up, lose weight and reduce cellulite.

It’s not too late for summer!  With as few as six simple sessions on the Power-Plate® at K Spa at K West, guests can develop the perfect beach body in time for the holiday season.

Recognised as one of the most efficient training devices available in the world, guests using the Power-Plate® will be able to feel the difference immediately.  The vibration training is low impact and gentle enabling anyone regardless of their fitness levels to benefit - and as 10-minutes on the Power-Plate is equivalent to 60-minutes conventional strenuous exercise, now there’s no excuse! 

Benefits of the Power-Plate:

? Reduces cellulite

? Tones muscles

? Increases flexibility

? Helps you lose weight

? Improves posture

? Develops fitness and well being

K West’s Personal Trainer, Nick Hammond comments:  “In only six training sessions on the Power-Plate® one of our guests has lost two centimetres from each leg, her cellulite has almost disappeared and the tone in her legs is phenomenal. 


He continued:  “I’ve been training people in my home-town of Auckland in New Zealand for over five years and have never come across a piece of equipment which has so revolutionised the way that we train.  With the Power-Plate it’s now so simple to tone-up, and look and feel great in a short space of time.”

The cost of the personal Power-Plate training with Nick Hammond is only £10 for 10 minutes, £15 for 20 minutes or £20 for 30 minutes.