Breaking Travel News Launches for Independent Hotels

Pegasus Solutions will officially launch on Monday. The new site will enable users to easily search for and find independent hotels with unique personalities, to closely match their travel needs in more than 100 countries around
the world.

“This is the first Web site designed solely to help independent hotels
and small hotel groups capture a larger share of online hotel bookings,”
said Pegasus COO Bob Boles.  “People are becoming more comfortable
booking their accommodations online,” Boles noted.  “In fact, online
hotel bookings now account for one in five bookings, up from one in 12
just three years ago. will enable independent hoteliers,
who have a uniquely valuable product to offer, to attract more of these

Participating hotels are current customers of Pegasus and include Utell
by Pegasus, Unirez by Pegasus and a selection of properties from
Pegasus’ private label hotels. is promoted as The Official
Site of Independent Hotels, and with its tagline, asks travelers to
“Stay Independent.”

“ will be a retail site similar to other Internet
channels,” Boles said. “What’s truly unique about is that
it highlights the amazing variety and amenities of independent hotels
available to consumers, even in locations where the large hotel chains
might not have a presence,” Boles said. “Additionally, with, our hoteliers will retain complete control of their rates
and inventory, helping to ensure optimal revenue management for each
property,” he added.