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ICTP Condemns Attack on Sharm el Sheik

The International Council of Tourism Partners condemns the attacks on freedom-loving citizens in Egypt’s Sharm el Sheik. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families.
Following the horrendous attacks in London last week, ICTP unequivocally aligned itself with the war on terror.

We re-iterate that support after the new horror in Sharm el Sheikh - clearly aimed at the growing tourist bridge to peace and reconciliation in the region.

As in all wars, the cost in terms of human suffering is horrendous - innocent victims and their families.

But there is only one message that must be sent to the perpetrators and that is the message of civilization against barbarism.

Those who hide behind such cowardly acts such are attacking one of the most fundamental right every human in entitled to: the freedom to travel in peace.


We shall have to continue to adapt our lifestyles while the terror continues - like it or not that includes travel for work and leisure.

But we must only adapt in ways that strengthen our resolve to pursue the values that decent people have espoused for centuries.

Attackers aim to disrupt and cause fear. ICTP hopes that the traveling public sees through this aim and seizes every effort to fight back through increased vigilance and flexibility. The tourism industry is resilient, and travel is safe.