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Men Are Impatient, Women Are Worried: The Truth of Britain’s Travel Nightmares

Nation-wide survey by reveals the nation’s holiday paranoia

As the British public begin jetting off for their summer holidays, innovative travel service - which send holidaymakers luggage ahead - has discovered how stressful a supposedly relaxing break can be. Waiting for luggage at the carousel topped the poll of stressful experiences at the airport, while other findings uncovered the travel gripes at the heart of a jet-set nation:
- Men worry more about the long queue at check-in than anything else on holiday, while a third of women admitted to stressing most about whether their luggage would be lost

- 45% of people have experienced lost or delayed luggage (increasing to 57% in the 55 plus age bracket)

- 1 in 5 people have experienced lost luggage and almost 1 in 3 damaged luggage

- Two thirds of respondents cited the nervy wait at the carousel as the most frustrating part of their holiday

- Men carry the most expensive luggage (8% valuing their luggage between £750 and £1000, compared to 5% of women)

- No-one from the East of England claimed to carry luggage worth over £1000, compared to 5% of Londoners

- The average value of a holiday suitcase’s contents is £250 - £500 (40% of respondents)

- 1 in 10 people have had to part with extra cash because their luggage exceeded the maximum weight limit set by an airport

- Respondents aged 16 - 24 carry the heaviest luggage, with 16% having to pay an excess luggage charge

- 15% of people will struggle with heavy objects on their holiday this year. One in six 25 - 35 year olds plan to travel with prams for their children, while 5% of men expect to carry golf clubs
Managing Director of, Gideon Kasfiner, says: “Luggage forms the hub of our holiday problems, whether carrying it, checking it in, hanging around for it or desperately trying to replace everything if it goes astray. Everyone knows someone with a story of lost or damaged luggage. We are finding that increasing numbers of people are using services like ours because they just don’t want it to happen to them. In the States, luggage-free travel is the accepted norm and is becoming so over here as travellers plan to enjoy every precious moment of their holiday.”