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AirAsia to Introduce Fuel Surcharge

AirAsia has confirmed it is to introduce a fuel surcharge on its domestic and regional flights. Effective 14 July 2005, all bookings made on and after this date will be subjected to a fuel surcharge. The surcharge is applicable on all AK flights only.
For travel on all AK flights in Peninsular Malaysia - RM 5 per sector
For travel on all AK flights to East Malaysia - RM 10 per sector

For travel on all AK flights in the region (Macau, Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia) - RM 25 per sector

Fuel surcharges will be quoted in local currencies upon booking of flights.

Tony Fernandes, Group Chief Executive Officer, AirAsia Berhad, said, “We have held off implementing a fuel surcharge for as long as we could, despite the cost of jet fuel being at record highs for the past year. The fact is that the increasing cost of jet fuel prices has led all airlines worldwide and the transportation industry in general, to adopt some form of fuel surcharge in order to remain competitive.

With fuel prices being at record highs, there is an urgent need for the government to resolve the calls for domestic air services rationalization. The move would mutually benefit both MAS and AirAsia as a consolidation can help airlines curb high operational costs due to spikes in fuel prices.


While other airlines have recently raised their fuel surcharges, our surcharge is one of the lowest seen in the region. It’s essential for the fuel surcharge to offset the cost of aviation fuel, and allow AirAsia to continue offering low fares. Despite this latest development, our fares are still one of the lowest in the region and we will continue to have low fares so that more people can fly.”