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JAL Group Expands Customer Services

Japan Airlines is further expanding its telephone, Internet, and ticket delivery services in Japan by eliminating the need for customers to visit city ticket offices.
Following the expansion of domestic ticket-less service and an increase in the use of e-tickets for international flights, JAL has created new systems for customers to not only make flight bookings and purchase tickets through the Internet and by telephone, but also request ticket re-issues and refunds by telephone and mail/courier.

In March 2005 JAL introduced the “Domestic Ticket Support Service” (to be renamed “Domestic Ticket Assist Service’’ from October 2005), a system of ticket distribution for customers needing ticket re-issues and refunds making use of mail and courier services.

From October 2005 JAL will introduce the “International Ticket Assist Service’’ through which customers can make a telephone call when changing itineraries and arrange to receive new tickets by mail or courier. The new services will also include an international ticket refund desk through which refunds can be requested by telephone and credited directly to customers’ bank accounts.

The introduction of the new services eliminates the need for customers to visit ticket offices in Japan. As a result, after October 2005, domestic ticketing counters at city ticket offices in Japan will be reduced and counter service will be available in six major centers only: Sapporo, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, *censored*uoka and Okinawa. Ticket counter services at 35 regional city ticket offices in Japan are scheduled to end by September 30, 2005.