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RWA Gains Access to 60, 000 Hotels

In a new partnership, RWA will be providing Sell-It Suite customers with access to an extensive range of hotel inventory provided by Pegasus Solutions
.  RWA Customers will have real-time access to more than 60,000 properties, allowing them to check availability and prices and make bookings.
Through its relationship with Pegasus, RWA will provide interfaces from Sell-It Reservator to Pegasus’ electronic distribution and PegsTour services. The hotel properties and rates accessible through these services will be available within Sell-It for onward pricing and packaging in just the same way as inventory loaded within Sell-It Reservator itself.


Commenting on this, Mark Bradbury, director of business development at RWA, stated: “Real-time access to the extensive range of hotel properties provided by Pegasus will be a significant new benefit for Sell-It Suite customers and offers them further choice and flexibility in the way they package and sell holiday offers. Mark went on to state that real time access should be a key element in any ‘modern’ tour-operating environment.

Peter Fitzgerald, vice president of sales for Pegasus in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region, commented:  “Through our relationship with RWA our hotel customers gain a new outlet for distribution of their rates and inventory.”