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New URLs Released to UK Holiday and Leisure Industry

More than 2000 of the UK’s most sought after website names - or URL’s -
are being made available to the UK Holiday and Leisure Industry for the first
time since registration.Prime URLS in the new list like,,, and currently rack up 1000’s of website
visitors a day without any online or offline promotion - simply by virtue of
their name alone.

They are part of a portfolio of URLs owned by internet entrepreneur
Steve Jackson.

Steve Jackson said: “In some cases the correct URL can make the difference between online success
and failure and marketing spend goes a lot further when the client can remember
your online brand name.  The correct URL is also an important part of search
engine optimisation strategy too.  Generic names often achieve better natural

“I believe that the most popular route to exploit the URLs will be by ‘branding’
white label solutions. White label solutions will see established online
businesses from the Holiday and Leisure Industry join in partnership to provide
a second bite of the cherry when attracting potential new business.