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New Joint Frequent Flyer Program for KLM and Air France

In June 2005, for the first time, the frequent flyer programs of two major European airlines will merge into one. Consequently, Air France’s ‘Fréquence Plus’ and KLM’s ‘Flying Dutchman’ programs will join forces to give birth to “Flying Blue”.
With ten million members, Flying Blue is the basic tool for both
Customer Relations Management programmes to recognize their loyal
customers, and to provide them with consistently high quality service,
regardless the airline they travel on. “Flying Blue” will be a strong symbol of the successful combination
of Air France and KLM.

This joint program is an integral part of the Group’s Customer
Relations Management global strategy.  Based on the principle of ‘one group, two
airlines’, this strategy puts the Group’s 66.3 million customers

The program is both innovative and easy to use.  It contains four
membership levels - Ivory, Silver, Gold and Platinum. ‘Flying Blue’
will enable its members to benefit from many advantages of the combined networks of Air France and KLM.