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EL AL Announces Major Upgrades

EL AL, Israel’s national airline,
continues its commitment to offer exceptional service with the
announcement of new in-flight amenities on all routes between the United
States and Israel. New entertainment features, alternative menu options
and a partnership with “Connexion by Boeing” to provide the only in-flight
wireless Internet access on flights to and from Israel, shows EL AL’s
on-going dedication to meet passengers growing expectations. These new
amenities will further enhance EL AL’s “feel at home” mission.“EL AL has succeeded in improving our excellent in-flight product by
responding to feedback from our passengers and learning their preferences
so we can better meet their needs,” stated Michael Mayer, General Manager,
North America, EL AL “We are very excited to offer our travelers the
comforts and amenities that will continue to make them feel at home on EL


EL AL’s new in-flight entertainment offerings satisfy the varying
preferences of its passengers. In developing the new entertainment
features, EL AL selected programming to meet the interests of any
passenger. A selection of entertainment options includes a variety of
audio and video programming. In addition, the EL AL in-flight magazine,
Atmosphere, is now available in video and/or print editions.

“Video EL AL” is offered on all EL AL 747-400s and 777s, which are
equipped with personal video screens in all classes of service. Each unit
offers a wide range of entertainment, including a variety of movies that
change monthly. Each movie is carefully selected by EL AL and is based on
passenger demographics and requests. EL AL is the only airline offering
service to Israel in which all movies and television programs are
translated into Hebrew (subtitles or dubbing). In addition, Israeli movies
are translated into English and most movies also have an additional French
soundtrack. The personal video screens also offer a choice of six
television channels, including:

* Kid’s Specials: Top movies for children and, during the summer travel
season, a selection of programming from Israel’s “Hop!” kid’s channel. *
Entertainment: Programs such as “Everybody Loves Raymond” and “Frasier,”
plus sporting events, movie clips and nature movies. * Atmosphere: A
channel created exclusively for EL AL, which features in- depth clips of
contemporary television in both English and Hebrew.


“Radio EL AL” offers passengers a wide selection of programming to suit a
broad spectrum of interests and tastes in music and audio education,
including tips on in-flight exercise. The ten channels are updated monthly
and include:

* Easy Listening (serene and soothing sounds) * International Pop (top of
the pop charts worldwide) * Israeli Pop (latest in Israeli pop music) *
Religion & Faith (Hasidic music, folklore and excerpts from the Bavli and
Yerushalmi Talmud) * Classics (classical favorites) * Jazz (easy
listening, smooth jazz) * Mediterranean (contemporary and traditional
Mediterranean beats) * Golden Oldies (classic tunes) * Remembering
(all-time Israeli favorites) * Seasonal (new and different music each

EL AL now offers alternative ethnic menu options called “Tastes from Home”
on flights from Israel to the United States, in addition to EL AL’s
customary in-flight kosher meals. EL AL recognizes the need for an
expanded menu in an effort to accommodate the diverse tastes of its

An alternative ethnic meal is available each month in Coach Class. The
March alternative meal is Kubbeh Bamya, a traditional Middle Eastern dish.
Over the next few months, EL AL will offer delicacies from Hungary, India
and Morocco. A recipe booklet will be distributed in-flight each month
highlighting the ethnic meal during that period. In addition to this
special offering on flights from Israel, EL AL provides a selection of 19
healthy meal options for those passengers on flights from the United
States to Israel, which can be ordered through any travel agent or by
calling EL AL at least 24- hours before departure.


EL AL recently signed an agreement with Connexion by Boeing to install
high-speed Internet service on all of EL AL’s 747-400 and 777 aircraft.
Installation of the service will begin in June of 2005 and will be
completed by the end of 2006 at an estimated cost of $3 million. This
service will allow EL AL passengers in all classes the ability to connect
to the Internet. Cost for Internet access will range from $9.95 to $29.95.
EL AL is among the first five airlines in the world and the only carrier
to Israel to offer this speedy Internet service in-flight. The Boeing
wireless Internet service is considered to be the most advanced system
available in airline communications.


A unique and symbolic experience for passengers arriving in Israel on any
EL AL flight is the moment of touchdown in Tel Aviv. Only on EL AL can
passengers receive an authentic “welcome home” experience as they hear a
selection of heart-warming Israeli songs, specifically, Hevenu Shalom
Aleichem. The traditional song, known to inspire passengers to sing along
to the words “we bring you greetings of peace,” is broadcast throughout
the aircraft immediately upon touchdown, along with the EL AL tradition of
passengers clapping their hands.