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SAS Introduces Flat Beds on Long Haul

From early 2006, SAS Scandinavian Airlines will have flat beds on its long haul Business Class service to Asia and the US. Travelling from (MAN, BHX, ABZ, NCL), via SAS’ award winning hub, Copenhagen Airport, provides a quick and easy alternative to other hubs, including London, for long haul routes.The seats were designed and manufactured by British companies Acumen Design Associates Ltd and Contour Premium Aircraft Seating respectively.

In response to customer demand, the design and construction of the seat have been developed to provide a higher degree of comfort and seclusion. The seat’s modern design also gives a light and airy impression in the cabin.  Fourteen seats have been removed from the original 60-seat configuration in the Business Class section of the A340 aircraft (formerly 54 business Class seats and six sleeper seats) to create space for a 46-seat layout.  This reduces to a 34 seat layout in the
smaller A330 aircraft.

The angles of the seat in the sleeping position, together with the width, length and cushions, give passengers a more restful sleeping position.  The seat reclines to a comfortable 11 degrees and has a width of 66cm.  The seat pitch is 61inches.

When in the reclined position the outer armrest falls down in order to widen the seat; there is special storage space for a water bottle and laptop; and a handle and footrest that make it easier for a window seat passenger to reach the aisle.  Other features include a sliding headrest and an adjustable reading lamp.

“The new seat gives greater comfort and a more private space than traditional seats. The total space for every passenger will increase and when the seat is folded out into the sleeping position it will not interfere with passengers in the row behind”, says Lars Lindgren, Head of Scandinavian Airlines International.


Together with the flat bed comes the introduction of Video on Demand inflight technology.  Business Class passengers will be able to choose when and how to use the entertainment supplied on a larger 10.4 inch (26.5cm) high resolution personal monitor.  A greater selection of films and music will also be available.