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Dominica to host 12th Annual Dive Fest

The Dominica Watersports Association will present Êthe 12th Annual Dive Fest, a series of activities focused on the waterside of the ‘nature island of the Caribbean’ from July 2 to July 9, 2005. Related activities will take place along the entire East Coast, from Scotts Head to Portsmouth, as well as at selected locations around the island.Whether looking for a little water adventure - on or below the surface - or just a place in the sun, Dominica offers an eco-tourism infra-structure with something for everyone. Scuba diving and snorkeling enable visitors to explore a vibrant underwater world, while kayaking, sailing and deep sea fishing take advantage of the volcanic island’s relationship with the ocean.

Referred to as the “Nature Island of the Caribbean,” Dominica’s rugged, mountainous terrain extends into the surrounding water resulting in vibrant coral reefs that provide habitat for abundant marine life. A lush rainforest that towers above a picturesque coastline combines with a sea of transparent water to make Dominica a memorable visual experience.

Although Dive Fest has an environmentally-oriented focus, it has widespread appeal due to the variety of planned activities. Barbecues, wine tasting, whale watching, sunset cruises, canoe races and concerts, highlight a diversified agenda which includes free scuba diving and snorkeling lessons. There is an underwater treasure hunt for certified scuba divers, along with kayaking, and the extremely popular Kubuli Carib-Canoe Race, a team competition that has become the Fest’s most popular event.

According to The Hon. Charles A. Savarin, Minister for Tourism, Industry & Enterprise Development, “Dive Fest is made possible because of continuing private-sector support. Many of the sponsors,” he continued, “have been involved from the very beginning when Dive Fest was established to showcase the incredible marine environment of Dominica. We want to encourage residents, and visitors, to participate in one, or more, of the watersports available.”