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Boeing, Unveils New Interior for 757 and 767 Airplanes

Boeing and UK-based carrier Thomsonfly today revealed an updated interior for the operator’s Boeing 757-200 and 767-200 airplanes that creates a modern, spacious feel highlighted by newly-designed curved ceilings and larger, more rounded storage bins. is the launch customer for the new Boeing 757-200 and 767-200 Enhanced Interior Package.

“We are very excited that has chosen the new Boeing Enhanced Interior package as part of their re-branding program,” said Dan da Silva, vice president of Customer Support for Europe, Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

“They’re continuing to lead with innovative interiors for their passengers.”

The Enhanced Interior Package is designed to improve comfort and passenger appeal, increase market competitiveness and extend the life of the airline’s fleet. The refreshed designs are fashioned after the interiors of the passenger-preferred Boeing 777 and reflect new interior-design elements for the all-new Boeing 787 Dreamliner. travellers will also enjoy new seats, flat-screen liquid crystal display in-flight entertainment systems, and new carpeting installed by the carrier in their Boeing airplanes.


“The new interiors represent a significant investment in the fleet and we have worked closely with Boeing to tailor the designs specifically to our needs, said Kevin Hatton,’s managing director.

“As the first airline to install the Boeing Enhanced Interior Package, it shows our commitment to providing our customers with modern cabin interiors and a high level of comfort.”