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Survey Reveals What Makes the Perfect Business Trip

A Direct Flight, Flat Bed, Blackberry And Being Met At The Airport - What It Takes To Keep The 21stÊCentury Business Traveller Happy

A survey of 1,000 business travellers has revealed the magic formula for the perfect business trip: a direct flight, flat bed, in-flight Blackberry, a friendly face at the airport, language lessons, online booking, e-tickets, flying alone, an iPod, high-speed Internet access, a power shower, a spa, crisp, clean cotton sheets, good hotel food and a concierge with contacts at all the best places. These are the principal ingredients for happy business travel in the 21stÊCentury.Over 1,000 business travellers were surveyed for the recent Business Travel Show London to find out the essential mix for creating the perfect business trip in 2005. The show’s sister event, Business Travel Expo Hong Kong takes place at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in 2005.

62 per cent of respondents said a direct flight would make their journey more enjoyable. 48 per cent craved to see a chauffeur hold up a card with their name on at their destination airport. 46 per cent said they wouldn’t be parted from their Blackberry for the world. 43 per cent longed for the undeniable luxury of a flat bed on their long-haul flights.

Many travellers also believe that the perfect business trip starts well before they even step on the plane, with 15 per cent saying that language lessons would seriously improve their travelling experience, and nearly 75 per cent agreeing that the introduction of online booking and e-tickets have been the most significant developments in business travel over the last three years.

It seems business travellers are at one with themselves, as a third would rather go solo than have to share the journey with a colleague and 15 per cent believe the flight wouldn’t be the same without their beloved iPod.


At the hotel, business travellers are an equally demanding bunch with 28 per cent requiring high-speed Internet access, 24 per cent asking for good hotel food, 20 per cent dreaming of stretching their legs out in crisp, clean, cotton sheets, 15 per cent claiming a power shower and a spa would refresh and relax them while away on business and 52 per cent wanting a concierge who knows all the best places in town - and can reserve the best table at the drop of a hat.

“Business travellers spend on average six weeks out of the office and away from home and these journeys can be tiring, stressful and lonely,” explained Paul Robin, Group Event Director at Centaur Exhibitions.

“That’s why it’s really important for travel arrangers to plan trips that are as comfortable and hassle-free as possible with the given budget, in order to maximise efficiency during working hours while on the business trip. The Business Travel Expo is designed to help them with exactly that issue by introducing them to world-leading business suppliers in an environment where they can talk business and find a better deal.”

The idea behind the Business Travel Expo is the concept of getting a better deal - helping those people who have responsibility for buying, booking or managing travel in their companies to get the most out of their company’s travel budget, to discover new deals, to cut costs and save time along the way.

Each Business Travel Expo features a Seminar programme alongside the exhibition covering the latest issues facing travel managers and arrangers. The seminar programme can be downloaded from