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SkyMiles Members Donate More Than 100 Million Miles

Delta Air Lines’ SkyMiles
program members have donated more than 100 million miles to the
SkyWish program over the past five months to support relief efforts in
Southeast Asia and hospitalized U.S. military personnel and their
families. These donated miles are enough to provide more than 4,000
domestic SkySaver Award Tickets. “Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of SkyMiles program members, our
recent charitable mileage donation campaigns have been a huge success,”
said Jeff Robertson, director of the SkyMiles program. “These donations
confirm that ‘good goes around’ and we can all make a difference, even as
individuals. It takes only one person doing one good thing to start a
chain reaction and impact the lives of thousands.”

Just days after the recent tsunami in Southeast Asia, Delta initiated a
campaign encouraging SkyMiles program members to donate miles to assist in
the relief efforts. Donated miles are sending relief workers to the
affected areas to provide services and supplies. Nearly one month later,
more than 25 million miles have been donated to CARE, UNICEF and the
American Red Cross through Delta’s SkyWish program.

Separately, Delta announced in September that SkyMiles program members can
donate miles to support the Fisher House Foundation, which uses the miles
to fly families of military members wounded or injured in Iraq or
Afghanistan to military medical centers where they are hospitalized. While
visiting their loved one, the relative stays in Fisher House’s “comfort
homes,” which are built on the grounds of major military and VA medical
centers throughout the United States and overseas. Approximately five
months since the campaign launched, more than 82 million miles have been
donated to Fisher House.

SkyMiles program members can continue to donate miles to Fisher House,
CARE, UNICEF, and the American Red Cross via e-mail at
[email protected] , by calling 1-800-325-3999 or via fax at
1-404-773-1945. Donations also may be made via the U.S. Postal Service to:
Delta Air Lines, Inc., SkyMiles Service Center, Dept. 745, P.O. Box 20532,
Atlanta, Ga., 30320-2532. There is a 5,000- mile minimum donation.
SkyMiles program members should include their SkyMiles account number, the
amount of miles to be donated and note their charity of choice. SkyWish
donations are not tax deductible for Delta Air Lines or SkyMiles members.
Individuals may visit for more information on donating
miles and Delta’s SkyWish program.