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GetThere Announces Agreement with TQ3 Travel Solutions

has entered into an agreement with one of the world’s leading travel management companies, TQ3 Travel Solutions. Both companies will work together to service online bookings for TQ3’s corporate customers.Ê

ÊGetThere will be a preferred supplier for TQ3, forming part of the travel management company’s customised corporate online solution.Ê This is designed for large companies with system-based or online procurement processes, and whose staff fall into the category of ‘highly managed’ business travellers.

The agreement is aligned with TQ3’s self-booking strategy, which is to consult customers proactively about their current and future plans and, where appropriate, work with them to implement an online solution as part of their overall travel management programme.

TQ3 will highlight the relationship when tendering for new business in the future.

“GetThere will be an important part of TQ3’s international account offering from here on in,” said Floyd Widener, GetThere vice president.Ê “A strong online booking capability will help TQ3 strengthen its global position and expand its presence in international markets.”


Widener said one of the reasons the company selected GetThere was for its compatibility with every global distribution system (GDS).

“This means TQ3 can offer its multinational customers a single online booking solution, regardless of which GDS it is using in the countries involved,” Widener said.Ê “This brings huge additional advantage in terms of economies and efficiencies.”

GetThere believes the TQ3 relationship will help it continue to strengthen its role as a technology for use by travel management companies (TMCs).

“When we first introduced GetThere to Europe it was seen by many TMCs as a competitive threat,” Widener said. Ê“This deal with TQ3 demonstrates that it is as much a tool for TMCs as for corporations.”

The agreement involves aligning GetThere with TQ3’s mid- and back-office accounting and management processes.