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Laguna Phuket Survives Tsunami

Laguna Phuket was spared the more serious damage reported from other areas of Phuket island as it was protected from the Tsunami’s full force by the headland to its South. Nevertheless, a wave surge swept the beaches and inundated a few ground floor rooms and some of the resort’s beachfront restaurants and pools.
Casualties were considerably light. The hotel’s beach areas are already operational, the lagoons have been cleared of debris and our ferry transportation network will be operational within a week. Of the five hotels at Laguna Phuket, Banyan Tree Phuket and Allamanda Laguna Phuket were unscathed apart from damage to a small beachfront restaurant operated by Banyan Tree which was reopened within 3 days of the disaster. The Sheraton Grande Laguna Phuket has only six rooms out of order, and Laguna Beach Resort has 14. The Dusit Laguna Resort suffered the worst and is working to repair the 24 beachfront rooms which were flooded within 30 days. So less than 50 rooms from Laguna Phuket’s total inventory of 1100 rooms have been affected. We are still very much open for business.

Staff and guests alike have been marvellous throughout the crisis, and we thank them for their considerable support. With operations at Laguna Phuket returning to normal, we are turning our attention to various outreach programmes to help affected locals and their families in our immediate area, and other areas harder hit , with a clothing and supply collection, and donation boxes for a Phuket Tsunami Recovery Fund being placed in our hotels and other businesses, and throughout the community.