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Expedia Corporate Travel Unveils Multiple Airport Search

Expedia Corporate Travel
unveiled new unique technology that allows, within a single flight search,
business travelers to search multiple airports, beyond just airports that
are naturally in the same metropolitan area. Business travelers can view
a list of additional alternative airports and can easily select up to
four options, per leg, that they wish to consider in their search

Alternative airport searching gives flexibility to business travelers who
want to be presented with a larger set of relevant traveling options
available to them. It also allows business travelers to make informed
trade-off decisions between travel time and cost-savings for their

To search alternative airports on the Expedia(R) Corporate Travel site, a
customer’s individual business traveler can select the “Also Search Nearby
Airports” check box. The traveler is then presented with the distance
from the airport originally selected, as well as a full comparison
pricing grid of search results.

In addition to being available for corporate customers, alternative
airport searching is also available to Expedia(R) Business Advantage
customers, at

“Expedia Corporate Travel continues to focus on simplifying our solutions
for business travelers and delivering new technology-advanced and
easy-to-use features that ultimately result in time and cost-savings,”
said Simon Tam, vice president of product development at Expedia Corporate
Travel. “Business travelers who consider alternative airports can uncover
significant hidden savings; sometimes even hundreds of dollars for their


The Relizon Company, a North American leader in document management and
customer communication solutions based in Dayton, Ohio, is one Expedia(R)
Corporate Travel customer that uses intelligent and easy-to-use
alternative airport searching.

“There are multiple airports in other major cities within relatively close
driving distance from Dayton, including Cincinnati and Columbus,” said
Amee Sherman of Relizon. “Being able to see the flights departing from and
arriving to these multiple airports in one online search gives our
travelers the simple ability to see which flight scenario renders the most
savings and convenience for their trip.”

The individual business travelers are not the only ones who benefit from
Expedia(R) Corporate Travel’s new alternative airport features. Travel
managers can set specific policies and require business travelers to
review alternative airport options in key markets. They can apply
alternative airport policy controls with varying levels of policy
enforcement by specifying default alternative airports to be displayed in
individual traveler’s searches. In addition, the alternative airport
reports generated by Expedia(R) Corporate Travel, give travel managers the
data they need to easily measure and quantify the cost-savings value.