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New Identity for Fiji Five Star Resort

Fiji’s first five star Resort was officially christened last month with its new name, “Outrigger on the Lagoon _ Fiji”. Due to the continuous evolution of the Resort the decision was made to change its visual identity to truly reflect the property’s extensive and ongoing upgrades and expansion, and its official five star rating - the first ever official star rating in Fiji.
Dignitaries attending the launch were Fiji’s Minister for Tourism, the Hon. Pita Nacuva; Resort Owner, Mr. Geoff Shaw; Outrigger’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Mr. Rob Solomon and Managing Director of Outrigger Australia, Mr. Dave Lawrence.

In the four years since its opening, the property (previously known as Outrigger Reef Fiji) has continued to grow as fast and vigorously as its beautiful gardens, winning prestigious awards such as the Deluxe Accommodation category in the Fiji Excellence in Tourism Awards for 2003.

General Manager, Mr. Paul Hughes, explains that in light of the official five star AAA Tourism rating the new name and change of visual identity was the next obvious step for the Resort. “The intention is to more accurately reflect the five star level changes we have made to our organisational culture, quality of product and service standards. We now offer an unrivalled five star Fijian experience and want to display this visually”.

The chosen name respectfully honors the Pacific Ocean lagoon in front of the property. It is filled with many stories and local legends. Most significantly, the lagoon is also the site of the first landing in the area of the Tongan people who arrived and fused cultures with the Fijians centuries ago. Mr Hughes explains, “The successful journey toward a new beginning for the Tongan settlers mirrors our own journey as Outrigger on the Lagoon _ Fiji. We are excited to enter a new territory, with an evolved identity, but we will never forget the strength, traditions and great achievements of our past.”

Mr Hughes concludes, “We are geared for next year to be one of our most successful. The Resort will continue to evolve at an ever increasing pace. The name change is simply a natural progression towards our vision of excellence for Fiji Tourism”