Breaking Travel News Tops Hitwise ‘User Rankings’ Category in Australia has announced that it has ranked as the number one visited site in the ‘Travel - Destinations and Accommodation’ category according to leading Internet intelligence service Hitwise*.The number one ranking is based on ‘user visits’ to the site for the quarter ending September 2004 measured against other Australian websites within the category, and has qualified for a Hitwise No.1 Award.

Graeme Wood, CEO and Founder comments: “We are delighted to receive this third-party confirmation of our position in the Australian online travel industry in what is a highly competitive market.Ê We currently receive more than one million users to our site per month, with this figure growing at over 100% per annum”.

“Time-poor Internet-savvy customers are demanding superior customer service, product diversity and price transparency.Ê This recognition by Hitwise shows that is continually - and successfully - meeting customer demand, while’s brand recognition and quality of service continues to strengthen.Ê In Australia, our website is now well established as the next click for travellers who have already booked their flights online and are wishing to book accommodation.Ê With offices now in the UK, Canada, Singapore and New Zealand, our goal is to build our brand on a global front”.

Each day, Hitwise monitors how more than 3 million Australian Internet users interact with over 500,000 websites across 160 industries.Ê Hitwise collects Internet usage information via a combination of ISP data partnerships. Each quarter Hitwise recognises the top 10 websites across each category it monitors.