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Frontier Flight Attendants Launch Organizing Campaign

Determined to achieve a voice at work,
Frontier Airlines flight attendants today kicked off their campaign to
form a union with the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA. “Today’s airline industry is very volatile,” said Jerry Johnson, one of
more than 50 flight attendants on the Frontier AFA-CWA Organizing
Committee. “Now more than ever, employees need a union and a binding
contract to secure compensation, job security and a voice on the job.”

Meeting at the Denver Holiday Inn, AFA leaders joined the committee to
chart a course for the coming weeks that will ensure a solid victory for
employees seeking fairness and respect in their workplaces.

Over the past year, Frontier management has changed many of the company’s
work rules and policies, effectively cutting flight attendants’
compensation and making it more difficult for flight attendants to do
their jobs. Most of the changes were made without input from the flight
attendant group.

“We understand that Frontier management would rather we not have a union;
they want complete control,” said Cheri Siler, also a member of the
Organizing Committee. “We want Frontier to succeed, but we want a fair
share of what we produce. Frontier is no longer a small airline. It’s a
big business with 800 flight attendants, and we need a union and an
enforceable contract.”